Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wading boot preventative maintenance

Over the years I believe we've seen a great improvement in just about every piece of gear offered in the fly fishing world. However, if you feel like me, I think that one of the gear pieces that still needs some improvement is wading boots. Even the best boots I've owned over the last 5 years or so have had worn seams often within a few trips after their debut. For me the best boot I've had is the leather guide boot with pre-studded Aquastealth soles that Simms made 8-10 years ago. Alas....
The fact is that the exposed seams on most of today's wading boots come in contact with rocks that abrade them until they unravel and soaking in water only hastens the process. I've had a few junker pairs of boots where this has happened in the first 2 days. Over the last few years I've developed a strategy to cope with this deficiency. It relies upon my fly fisherman's duct tape, Aquaseal.
The strategy is pretty simple. When you buy a new pair of wading boots, buy a new tube of Aquaseal with them. Apply the Aquaseal up and down to any of the seams you think might suffer from abrasion. Then take a cheap toothbrush and work the Aquaseal into the seam threads and the boot material (see the result in the photos below). This can also work for boots that are already falling apart. This simple strategy has extended the life of most of my boots drastically, which I rely on because I fish a lot and I'm a poor student. A tube of Aquaseal is certainly cheaper than new boots. Happy fishing! I'm going to go get my boots wet tomorrow.


  1. Great idea man! Love your blog keep the good information coming!

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